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MLGBA is a recreational youth league for players of ALL abilities...
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MLGBA is a recreational youth league for players of ALL abilities in grades K-12 and will be embarking on our 30th season!



Registration is now open!


Choose the appropriate grade to get started. Please note all league details (schedules, rosters, communication, etc) will be moved to Team Snap. If you do not have the app yet, you can download from the Apple or Android stores. If you currently use Team Snap with another team/sport, you may need to log out and back in to find your new MLGBA team info once rosters are set. 


Player Registration Links

KINDERGARTEN  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334398/signups/new

1ST/2ND GRADE https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334405/signups/new

3RD GRADE https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334408/signups/new

4TH GRADE  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334410/signups/new

5TH GRADE  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334411/signups/new

6TH/7TH GRADE https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334412/signups/new

8TH-HIGH SCHOOL https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/334413/signups/new


Pease note, while we have used Team Snap successfully for our Spring League and Summer Camp registrations, the Winter league registration is a bit more involved so please provide any feedback or issues you may have with the forms. 





SPONSOR REGISTRATIONS (scroll down for more details and/or email mlgbahoops@gmail.com)

TEAM https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/313756/signups/new

DIVISION https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/313940/signups/new

LEAGUE https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/313941/signups/new


Important Dates

11/1/2022 - Player Registration Closes

12/1/2022 - Coach & Sponsor Registration Closes

1/3/2023 - Mandatory Coach's Meeting & Practices begin

1/7&8/2023 - Games Begin

3/18&19/2023 - Playoffs Begin (5th-12th grades)

3/18/2023 - Season Ends (K-4thgrades)



$140/player ($120 for Kindergarten). Sibling discounts available. We do offer financial assistance for anyone in need. Please email   for a confidential request.


Ball Size/Rim Height/Gameplay

Kindergartners through 3rd grade will use a size 27.5 ball, sometimes noted as size 5.

All other ages will use a size 28.5 ball, sometimes noted as size 6.

Kindergartners will have clinic style sessions once a week from 9-10am on Saturday mornings. Rims will be at 8 feet.

1-3rd grades will play 3v3, full court using the side baskets which will be at 8 feet.

4th-12th grades will play 5v5 full court “regular” games.



K-3rd Grade will have coaches “referee”.

4th grade will use exclusively teenage referees, as available, going through our Youth Referee Development program. In the cases where we are unable to staff with the youth refs, we will try to get adult refs. There may be a week or 2 where coaches may have to ref. 

5th-12th grades will have paid referees which can include our more experienced youth refs as well as Adult PIAA certified refs.


Practice/Game Locations & Times

We use the LM School District Gyms. 1st-12th graders will have one practice during the week and one game on either Sat or Sun. Kindergartners will just have a one hour session on Saturday mornings. Exact times & locations TBA



We are always in need of volunteer coaches, especially moms and other female role models. Please consider registering as a Head or Asst coach. No experience necessary – we will match you up with an experienced coach if necessary.

ALL coaches, new and returning, must register, and are required to complete a background check. If you have clearance from another organization, current documents must be uploaded during the registration process.

Coaches can request when registering to be paired together. A maximum of 2 coaches are permitted on the bench during games, as well as to start the team selection process (ex. No team can start off with 3 players if 3 coaches want to be together. 2 coaches max.) Additional coaches/parents can help out at practice but must be formally registered. 


Scorekeepers/Game Timers

MLGBA employs boys and girls in 8th grade or older to keep the scorebook and run the clock for our upper division games. The pay is $12 per game.  If interested you must register online. There will be a mandatory training for all scorekeepers. Details TBA



MLGBA relies heavily on the generosity of our community sponsors to help keep costs in line, ensure no player is turned away due to financial hardships and to help fund the annual MLGBA Scholarship. There are Team, Division & League sponsorships available.

Team ($350) Includes sponsor name on the back of ONE team’s jerseys, rotating logo and sponsor description on mlgba.com

Division ($1500) 7 Available Includes sponsor name on the back of TWO team’s jerseys, sponsor logo on ALL shorts in one grade division, rotating logo and sponsor description on mlgba.com, and ONE email blast promoting sponsor message.

League ($3000) ONE Available Includes sponsor name on the back of THREE team’s jerseys, sponsor logo on ALL shorts for ALL players in ALL grade divisions rotating logo and sponsor description on mlgba.com, and TWO email blasts promoting sponsor message.

Custom sponsor packages are available. Email   with your ideas on how we can help you help support the league.


Teammate Requests

We do not accept teammate requests. It is part of our philosophy that girls make new friends and play with different girls each year. We find this especially helpful when transitioning from elementary to middle school. While we do understand there are unique circumstances, and we will do our best to be accommodating, simply requesting to play with friends is not something we will accept.


by posted 08/21/2022

MLGBA Codes of Conduct 

Parent's Code of Conduct 

  • Provide positive support for all children and coaches (including those of an opposing team).
  • Provide positive support for all referees, scorekeepers, timekeepers and parents at every game.
  • Provide positive support whether my child is successful or struggling.
  • Provide positive support whether the team wins or loses. 
  • Remember that MLGBA is for children and not for adults.  

Coach's Code of Conduct 

  • Create a safe and caring practice and game atmosphere.
  • Make it fun for every player.
  • Be fair to all players.
  • Communicate with your team’s parents.
  • Learn new drills.
  • Teach the children good sportsmanship; be a good winner and a good loser.
  • Part of your job is to control the parents in a professional manner.  Help your parents set a good example.
  • Remember that MLGBA is for children and not for adults.

Coach’s Responsibility Toward Referees and Scorekeepers

  • Introduce yourself to the referees and scorekeepers prior to the game starting and give them some encouragement.
  • Remember they will not always make the right call.  No shouting, verbal or physical abuse to anyone at any time. 
  • There is no room for arguments.  Coaches must at all times comply and stand up for our referees and scorekeepers.  The referees are in charge of the game.  

Player's Code of Conduct 

  • Listen to your coaches.
  • Show good sportsmanship to all players, coaches and referees.
  • Be a good teammate.
  • Do your best.
  • Have fun.

by posted 12/05/2009
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