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Read what Parents and Coaches have to say about MLGBA -

"I have to say this has been one of the best experiences thus far of being a parent." - first year coach

"The coaching experience has been amazing. I love working with the girls, and watching them get to know their teammates, work as a team and learn about the game. And thank you for all your support! It's great to know that you're there if I have any questions or if anything comes up! I definitely want to coach next year!" - first year coach

"My younger daughter (4th grade), is having another amazing year with MLGBA.  Her coach is supportive, funny, engaging and is ultimately teaching them great skills along with the love of Basketball.  Although they haven't yet won a game (they got really close in a very high scoring game last weekend), they are still really all enjoying playing together.  Thanks to him and to all the MLGBA coaches."

"I think MLGBA does the best job of creating a good environment for the girls of all of the leagues in the area."

"I could not have been happier with the coaching team for my daughter.  I loved coming to the games and watching.  I especially liked the way you encouraged everyone, not just the top tier.  I have been watching athletics through the boys for years and have never come across a group as encouraging and supportive as you."
"The philosophy of  forgetting who the individual is in the shirt but passing to the correct shirt color of the teammate is one I wish could be uniformly adopted at these formative stages. My daughter enjoyed playing and practicing, and improved in confidence largely because of the 2 coaches.  The coaches also encouraged shooting even though we knew that my daughter was a novice.  This was pure genius for her. Thanks for a wonderful season and experience."

"You have increased my daughter's love of the sport and she wants to play more basketball because of you.  This season proves that nice guys don't finish last !"

"My daughter (in 3rd grade) has just loved MLGBA the past two seasons.  We both love the positive approach the coaches have, and the focus on learning and having fun, rather than on winning.  Thank you for running a fantastic program! "

"My daughter had the best MLGBA experience yet!! The coaches were wonderful with the team and really helped to facilitate a great chemistry among the girls!"

"My daughter had a great time. Her coaches were both caring and great improved her skills. She was with a great group of girls, most of whom she did not know from before. My 3 kids play a number of sports, but the MLGBA games are always the most exciting for me to watch! Thanks for a great season and a great program!"

"Great league! It was our daughter's first introduction to basketball and she LOVED it. Thank you all for your hard work and for putting together such a great girls' league."

"My daughter loved this season. Our coach and assistant coaches were outstanding!  This has been our experience in past years as well.   Thank you so much for organizing this league and making it so welcoming for all players."

"Our daughter was in the 4th grade group, and it was excellent. We found the whole organization to be run very well, the coaches were all nice and trying to teach the girls the game. The overall feel to the league was professional but still personal. This was our daughters first year, and she has got the basketball bug and will be playing for years to come."

"I can only say that my daughter had a fabulous time.  Our coaches were attentive to the girls and found creative ways to teach them the fundamentals all while ensuring that they had fun.  I look forward to having my daughter participate again next year."

"It was a great season, my first as an assistant coach.  The girls had fun, which is the main goal, and all gained in confidence, which was nice to be part of. "

"Great league. As a first time player my daughter had a wonderful time-both from a skill and pleasure standpoint.  Her coach was excellent with the girls and I was very appreciative of his ability to balance the experienced players with the less experienced."

"My daughter has played MLGBA since 4th or 5th grade.  It is an outstanding league.  The coaches are passionate, the schedule is easy, and the girls are simply fantastic. Of all the organized sports my kids have played, MLGBA is the model for a well run sports league. "

"My daughter played for the first time this year.  She had an outstanding experience!  The three coaches were a perfect combination of enthusuastic, supportive, corrective and instructional.  Our daughter improved and had fun. My husband and I are both teachers and were so pleased with the instruction from the coaches."